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Natural and Pure Multiflora / Wild Honey directly from Bee keeper

  • Our beehives are built by our local honeybees (Apis Cerana). We take care of the colonies, rearing, requeening and harvesting with utmost care for our bees and the quality of ARGOM Honey

  • We extract honey only from the sealed honey chambers which guarantees naturally ripened honey to our customers. Honey is extracted from these chambers with the help of traditional centrifugal extractor machines

  • ARGOM Honey is sold in its pure form; we strictly refrain from artificial flavouring and infusion. No preservatives or food additives used

  • ARGOM Honey is packed in glass bottles to retain the quality of the product and ensure eco-friendly packaging

  • Color, taste, aroma, and viscosity of ARGOM Honey varies depending on the flora around the beehive. Hence, no two bottles of ARGOM Honey may look or taste the same

  • ARGOM Honey - From our Hives to your Table, a product of superior quality which you can taste and enjoy the benefits directly

  • Honey contains daily essential nutrients such as natural digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

  • Do not refrigerate. Refrigeration results in crystallization of honey

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